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Enroll in Private or Group Obedience Classes


Enroll in Private or Group Obedience Classes

Obedience Classes

Basic Obedience is the foundation of all training. In this course you learn the fundamentals of positive based training including the core commands of sit, down, stay, come and heel. Intermediate Obedience builds off the foundation of basic obedience with a stronger emphasis on teaching your dog to walk comfortably by your side and to focus on your commands no matter what.


A New Puppy

Having a new puppy in the house poses unique challenges to the city dweller. We can help you set up a program to quickly navigate the difficult journey of puppyhood including house training, crate training, nipping, nuisance barking as well as the more difficult challenges of destructive chewing and separation anxiety.

help with Housetraining and leaving your new Puppy Home alone Learn More >>

Behavioral Consultations

Does your dog have a few issues? Do they hate being alone? Do they bark and lunge at other dogs or strangers? Are they getting into frequent fights at the dog park or bothering your neighbors with nuisance barking? Fixing problem behaviors can be a great way to forge a positive relationship with your dog and help them overcome their stress to lead a more balanced, comfortable life.


Private Training

Dogworks specializes in positive based training geared to create a balanced dog in your home as well as teaching you the skills to have your dog walk comfortably on leash. Our classes not only train you to train your dog but also provide a curriculum and homework (called "set-ups") to practice throughout the week to teach your dog these skills in everyday life..


Let's set up an exercise program that's right for your dog

Dog Walks & Running

We offer private or semi-private walks for owners looking for individualized attention for their dog.

My walks are designed to give your dogs exercise -- not just pee-breaks. They include trips to the dog run, other area parks and running sessions -- whatever you'd like.



I don't blame you if the thought of leaving your pet overnight in a boarding facility upsets you. It's something I've never done. I have a limited amount of appointments for your dog to stay in my home when you have to be away. 

I do not use cages or kennels unless you prefer that. That means sleeping on the couch, watching TV, playing with other dogs, enjoying lots of exercise and long walks -- in short, all the comforts of home.


Garrett Rosso, APDT

I set up the training program at Dogworks to help owners navigate the unique challenges of raising their dog in the urban environment. Dogs in the city tend to be our constant companions hence we need to teach our dogs to walk comfortably at our side as well as navigate greetings inside stores, around other dogs, when they approach children, or when they visit the local dog park.

Our Philosophy

Our training programs offer group and private classes utilizing positive-based techniques to teach all the core commands which make training a fun activity for you and your dog.

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