A New Puppy Appointment

A Dogworks Puppy Visit will help you solve common puppy issues such as mouthing, biting, chewing, jumping-up, excessive barking and house training. We like to believe that all puppies come into the world perfect. Our visits are designed to help house train your newest household member as quickly as possible and set the foundation for them to become a perfectly balanced dog.

You can have a huge impact on training and building a good relationship with your dog while they are young. Your puppy is your responsibility and you need to help them prepare to cope with day to day living in our society.

Socializing a puppy is extremely important and they need to be encouraged to meet other adults, children and dogs as often as possible. Socializing isn't just about meeting others, it includes teaching your puppy how to cope with everyday events, such as car rides, traffic noise, bikes, walks and the many other challenges they will face as they grow up.

It can be a shock when you bring your new puppy home. Even more when you need to leave them alone to go to work. If you are not prepared, you may find yourself cleaning up lots of accidents and dealing with neighbors who aren't amused by nuisance barking.

Our Puppy Visits are especially useful for owners who have not raised a puppy in the city before. They will help you understand your puppy's behaviour and can reassure you about what is normal and how to prepare for your dog's training.

Puppy Visits 

Areas your appointment may cover:

  • Housetraining
  • Crate Training
  • Best Foods
  • Play-Biting
  • Jumping
  • Chewing
  • Barking / Attention Seeking Behavior
  • Pack Hierarchy (in multiple dog households)
  • Learn to Sit and Down
  • Teaching your dog to follow
  • Walking on lead
  • Handling your dog
  • Preparing your dog to be groomed or handled by a vet
  • Puppy-proofing your house
  • How to leave your dog home alone


Puppy Visits

All Puppy Visits inlucde 3 home visits to work on house training, crate training, and setting your dog up for success when you leave them home alone. Puppy visits also include written notes from your apopointment, follow-up calls and the basics of teaching obedience. 

3 Visits / $350
Puppy visits require a minimum or one visit every 2 weeks and must be used in 6 weeks

To schedule a visit,
please call Village Dogworks at: