Private Training

Private Lessons 
Work One-On-One

Private Training appointments are available for owners who want to work one-on-one with an instuctor. They cover many aspects of training from the basics to the advanced to help owners and their dogs have a good working relationship.

In a private lesson, you best learn the techniques to gain control of your dog in every situation -- and quickly teach your dog the skills to walk politely at your side. You can also discuss with the trainer any special areas of training which are important to you and develop a program designed to suit your needs.

Private lessons focus on basic and intermediate level commands taught in your home, in the park, or out walking on the sidewalk. Visit our Basic and Intermediate page for topics covered and a class outline. In addition, a personalized program is designed to create a balanced dog inside and outside your home. We can answer any questions you have and address many everyday issues such as barking, greeting guests, proper nutrition, begging, destructive chewing, etc.

Private training packages can also be purchased as extensions to Behavioral Consultations.

Accelerated Learning 
Let Us Do All The Work

Our Accelerated Training Program lets us do all the work for you. 

The trainer will visit your dog a minimum of 1X a week to train your dog while you're at the office. Your attendance is required at the end of each training plateau (about every 5 visits) to review your dog's accomplishments -- and to give you instructions on how to best implement your dog's training in your household.

Accelerated Learning is geared towards intensive training whether you're dealing with specific behavioral issues, or you just want your dog to have top-notch obedience skills.



All private instruction include follow-up material to chart your dog's success as well as instructions for working with your dog between appointments. Each session is 90 minutes.

Private Training

Work One-On-One
with an instructor
3 Visits / $350
6 Visits / $600
10 Visits / $950

All packages require a minimum of one visit per week and must be used on consecutive weeks.

To discuss private lessons for your dog please call:

Accelerated Learning

Let Us Do All The Work 
5 Visits / $500 
10 Visits / $900 

Accelerated learning packages require a minimum of one visit per week and must be used on consecutive weeks. Each Accelerated learning appointment is 60 minutes.

To enroll your dog in Accelerated Learning, please call Village Dogworks at:
(646) 675-2125