Daily Walks & Running Appointments

Dog Walks or 
Running Sessions

Away at work? At Dogworks, I can provide your companion with an energetic walk every day -- or active daycare for pets who'd rather be outdoors getting sunlight and healthy exercise rather than confined to an indoor, daycare facility.

All walks are arranged on a private or semi-private basis. I never walk dogs in packs so we will discuss walks that are specific to your pet's lifestyle.

Some dogs enjoy long walks outdoors or closely supervised visits to the local dog park. Others require a more active workout such as a long run or jog through the park. Still others have special needs such as help with walking because of an injury -- or special attention around other dogs or strangers.

Overnight Pet Sitting

I don't blame you if the thought of leaving your pet overnight in a boarding facility upsets you. It's something I've never done. I have a limited amount of appointments for your dog to stay in my home when you have to be away. 

I do not use cages or kennels unless you prefer that. That means sleeping on the couch, watching TV, playing with other dogs, enjoying lots of exercise and long walks -- in short, all the comforts of home.




Dog Walking Rates 

1/2 hour, $20 (5 walks per week) 
1 hour: $25 (5 walks per week)
Call today so we can set up an exercise program that's right for your dog:

Overnight Rates 

Overnights: $75

Space Limited. Reserve in advance, especially around the holidays (646) 675-2125