Behavioral Consultations

A Behavior Consultation to provide one-to-one advice is sometimes necessary to help owners understand their dog's behavior and to address any specific problems that dogs are displaying.

Consultations are designed to help owners solve unwanted behaviors such as leash aggression (barking at other dogs or stangers while on leash), territorial aggression or possessiveness (over food, resources or a favorite location such as a bed or couch), fear, separation anxiety, excessive barking, house soiling and obsessive-compulsive behaviors

Positive-based behaivor modification is a specialize type of training with an established track record of successfully resolving problem behaviors through humane methods that do not resort to harsh techniques or choke collars. During the consultation, a detailed assessment of the problem will be made and you will be given written reports about prognosis and the work needed to solve the problem.

Training takes place in your home (or in the environment where it happens) with the owner actively taking a role in managing and eventually eliminating the problem. It is important to remember that in most cases of behavior problems with dogs, there is no magical cure and owners will be required to participate and follow the guidelines agreed with the trainer in order for a dog's behavior to improve.

You will be able to telephone your trainer while you are implementing your program for any advice on problems you are experiencing and to check areas you are unsure of -- so you will still have a point of contact and support if you need it.



Common Behavior Problems Include

  • Dog vs. Dog Aggression
  • Barking at other dogs while on leash
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Dog vs. Stranger Aggression
  • Fear
  • Adult House Soiling
  • Barking
  • Dog Park Issues
  • OCD Behavior
  • Growling at owners
  • Possessiveness around food or valued resources
  • Interactions and introductions to children
  • And the most common of all: My dog is perfect at home but I can't take him anywhere!

Schedule a Consultation

Behavioral Consultation
Includes home visits, written program and follow-up calls. Each session is 90 minutes

Price: $350 / 3 Visits
Behavioral consultations require a minimum of one visit every 2 weeks and must be used in 6 weeks.

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